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Read more about PLM, what are the newest trends, and how organizations have accelerated their performance by implementing it.


The Business of Engineering in Medical Device - The case for Integrating MBSE and PLM for medical device manufacturers

Disparate systems like spreadsheets, documents and databases fail to meet evolving business needs - they are too focused on the Science of Engineering. In order to keep the pace and stay profitable, manufacturers must develop a broader vision - the Business of Engineering - and implement a resilient PLM system to tackle the challenges of today’s volatile and fast-paced business environment.

MDR and Medical Device PLM - How to prepare your clinical data for the EU MDR

The new EU MDR is the most significant revision to date and contains several key changes that will greatly impact how medical device companies are working with their product data, documents, and technical files today. 

How Medical Device companies can benefit from a Product Innovation Platform

From project management and integrated requirements to traceability and reporting, leading companies address key challenges with flexible, scalable and upgradeable PLM.

Customer case study: 
Auditdata: From Paper to Digital Innovation

Faced with the challenge to find documents and to make relationships between them, Auditdata needed a relational database, that would systemize documents and give a good overview of the relationships between different files.

Customer case study: 
Malvern: From scattered data to one central information hub

1 million files, that was roughly the amount of data scattered in literally every virtual corner of Malvern's organization - from hard drives to e-mails and floppy disks. The vast quantities of unstructured information were the main factor behind their decision to find a system enabling a more structured way of centralizing the data.

Minerva Medical Device PLM Casebook

Read more how Minerva Medical Device PLM can support Medical Device companies. 

Minerva Medical Device PLM Brochure

What will you get with the Minerva Medical Device PLM solution implementation